Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Keeping Your Newspaper Subscription Costs Low

Ask for a better deal and you will generally get it, especially if you are already and existing customer.

I have a subscription to The Mercury for the Sunday only edition to get my coupon flyers. This is my 3rd year as a subscriber and I have been renewing every year because of the low subscription costs. I previously subscribed to The Philadelphia Inquirer. It was a lot more than The Mercury and the Inquirer stopped carrying the Red Plum coupons, which is why I switched. I got the introductory offer for The Mercury for $1 an issue.

The subsequent year, I received my renewal notice and the price was almost double the introductory price that I paid. I called to cancel my renewal because I didn't want to pay too much to get my coupons. They offered to extend my subscription for the same price. I was happy and so I renewed my subscription.

This year, I received my renewal notice again, the price went up from $52 to $91 for 52 weeks of the Sunday Only edition. I called and politely explained to them that the price is more than I wanted to pay for and they offered me the subscription for $52 again for the year. No hassle, no long approval process, and the representative was very helpful.

Many companies would not hesitate to give you a good deal to keep your business. Sometimes all you need to do is ask for a better deal and most of the time, you will get it. So, if you subscribe to The Mercury and you received a renewal notice for your subscription, just ask for a better deal.